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Hunger in the Industrial City
Glaring inequities prompt new public attention to the plight of the poor and new social and political debates about hunger.
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America in Crisis and Recovery
A “New Deal for America” becomes the first significant federal investment in addressing hunger in American society.
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WWII and the Paradoxes of the Postwar Era
Feeding Americans was an integral part of national defense during WWII — but hunger continued to be real problem for millions of Americans.
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The Fight for the Right to Food
The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s fundamentally changed the ways Americans understood the causes and consequences of hunger.
The Unmaking of the Great Society
Reagan and Clinton’s efforts to “reform” America’s safety net increased the number of people struggling with hunger, fostering the belief that charity and corporate donations could tackle hunger better than a broad-based government response.
How It Is — And How It Should Be
New crises of climate, economics, and health made it clear that neither personal responsibility nor charity could meet the needs of an entire population.
Your voice matters

A Wishing Tree to End Hunger

The Wishing Tree is a collaborative project between Yoko Ono and the audience that engages with it. The Wishing Tree is an open letter to individuals, inviting them to write down their wishes on small tags of paper before attaching them to a live tree.

What is your wish for those around the world who suffer from hunger?

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