President John F. KennedySenator George McGovern and Senator Robert DoleLeonard “Leibel” FeinShirley ChisholmLyndon B. JohnsonWhitney’s StoryTim‘s StoryBill‘s StoryWelfare ReformNo Human Being is IllegalHousing and the “New” HomelessnessThe Farm Debt Crisis of the 1980’sTEFAP and the Charitable Food SystemWomen for Wages for HouseworkThe Return of the Welfare QueenDomestic Workers OrganizeHands Across AmericaWe Are the WorldThe Welfare QueenGovernment CheeseHow did ketchup become a vegetable?How did private industry get involved in the school lunch program?What were the impacts of Nixon’s “reforms”?How did Nixon “reform” school lunch?Did all children have a “right to lunch”?Doris Derby (Jackson, MS)Ruth Beckford and the Black PanthersMollie OrshanskyCongresswoman Shirley ChisholmDr. Jean Mayer and the White House ConferenceMarian Wright, Peter Edelman, and the Mule TrainPresident Lyndon B. JohnsonLeonor SullivanAmericans Benefit From SNAPAmericans Benefit From SNAPThe Liberation of Aunt JemimaUnited Bronx Parents (Washington, DC)Poor People’s Campaign (Springfield, IL)Walk for Decent Welfare (Columbus, OH)Cesar Chavez’s Fast for Nonviolence (Delano, CA)Advocacy Through Imagery (Boston, MA)Fannie Lou Hamer and Freedom Farmers (Sunflower County, MS)Counterculture and the Diggers (San Francisco, CA)The Fish Wars (Nisqually, WA)Lunch Counter Student Sit-Ins (Greensboro, NC)Eating and Jim Crow (New Orleans, LA)Indigenous Dispossession and DisplacementCarlos Bulosan, “Freedom From Want”How did the National School Lunch Program’s funding shifts contribute to inequality?Hot Dog Roy LichtensteinThe Bracero ProgramSoviet Officials and Ice CreamIndigenous “Relocation”The Rise of McDonald’s“New Frigidaire Refrigerators!” by General MotorsJapanese American Children at Minidoka Camp in IdahoRation DNorman Rockwell, “Freedom From Want”The Sheppard-Towner ActLegacies of Hull HouseChildren’s BureauThe Dark Side of Nutrition ScienceShirtwaist StrikeMothers’ PensionsFighting Hunger through EducationAn Unequal RecoveryA New Deal for Indian CountryA Good LunchA New Deal for FarmersImpacts of the Dust BowlBreadlines Knee Deep in WheatWhy did the Food Stamp Program end?Who was excluded from the Food Stamp Program?What was the impact of the Food Stamp Program?How did the Food Stamp Program work?What was the rationale behind the Food Stamp Program?How did the Food Stamp Program begin?Labor Exploitation in the Jim Crow SouthBeginnings